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My Gear List Examined

The following is an explanation about each piece of equipment I carry. This is a three-season list (or 4-season for California :)). Water and fuel weight are not counted. If you're looking for just the gear items in a list, click here.

TOTAL WEIGHT == (8 pounds, 4.7 ounces)

THE BIG 5 (4, 7.4)

Pack - My custom homemade G4 pack. At 4400+ cu in, I could potentially pack more than a week's worth of food and be out in the backcountry for a while. (1, 1.3)

Sleeping Bag - My homemade bottomless sleeping bag, with zipper down the side to regulate warmth. Weight includes stuff sack. (1, 11.9)

Poncho Shelter - Homemade Silnylon full-coverage poncho, that is pitched to provide a comfy 1-person+ shelter. (0, 8.7)

Tyvek Bivy - Sleeping bag cover with zipper opening to work as a groundcloth and extra splash resistance for extra rainy nights under my poncho shelter. (0, 7.5)

Sleeping pad - 3/4 size Z-lite. Acts as the frame for my homemade G4. (0, 10)

(1, 13.4)

Insulating Jacket - North Face Diez, 800-fill down jacket that packs down into its own pocket (0, 11.6)

Thermal Top - Patagonia Capilene Midweight. Warm, wicking, and comfy base layer. (0, 8.1)

Convertible Pant Legs - I'm always wearing at least my shorts from my Columbia Convertible Pants, and pack the legs away. (0, 3.2)

Gloves - All-season gloves (0, 2.0)

Fleece Cap - Lightweight fleece cap to keep my head warm. (0, 1.6)

Thorlo socks - I wear one pair, and keep the other packed away. Supportive and comfy. (0, 2.9)

ESSENTIALS (1, 11.0)

Toiletries - TP, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Piece of soap (0, 2)

First Aid - 6 band-aids, butterfly bandage, 2 antiseptic wipes, square bandage, 2 aspirin, popsicle stick, 5-feet of duct tape (0, 1.5)

Water Bottle - Nalgene Hydration bladder (0, 5.4)

Stove - Snow Peak Gigapower stove. Tiny folded up, yet supportive of the pot. (0, 4)

Cookkit - A stainless steel, 15 oz. mug for boiling liquids, piece of foil for a lid, and a plastic spoon (0, 4.7)

Headlamp - Princeton Tec Quad, awesome light. Weight includes batteries. (0, 3)

Potable Aqua - Chlorine Dioxide water purification tablets (0, 0.2)

Lighter - To light my stove and for emergency fires (0, 0.5)

Stakes, pole, cord - Six aluminum tents stakes for fastening down the poncho shelter. Three nanolite pole pieces to make a single pole to erect the poncho shelter. (0, 5.7)

(0, 4.9)

Sunglasses - I use a sporty style that doesn't let much light in and doesn't fall off my face. (0, 1.4)

Knife - Mini foldout knife (0, 0.5)

Purell - Any hand sanitizer will do. Perfect to anti-cootie any hands before dinner or anytime. Does not clean off dirt though. (0, 0.5)

Pen/Paper - For writing notes (0, 0.5)

Chapstick (0, 0.5)

Pack towel- Liteload towel, very absorbent and light. Also used as a silt filter for my water bottle. My review here. (0, 0.5)

Emergency Kit - Waterproof matches, fish hook and line, whistle, mini compass (0, 1)


Polyester Shirt - Wicking, lightweight sport top

Nylon Shorts - The shorts part of the Columbia convertible pants

Hat - Keeps my face from getting fried.

Thorlo Socks - I wear one pair of socks, and have another pair packed away for nighttime or the next day.


Puffy Jacket - synthetic filled winter-style jacket for when I expect below freezing temps. (1, 12)

Propane Stove- For winter trips or times when I think it's too cold for my gigapower stove to light (1, 0)

Cookkit - Aluminum frying pan/pot and aluminum cup. For when I expect to do more cooking than my pot/mug can handle. (0, 8.2)


Titanium Pot: One narrow, tall pot (600 - 800 ml) to replace my stainless steel mug. Looking at the Snow Peak Ti Line and one by Montbell. No real savings in weight, but would provide a greater capacity for cooking.

Tarp-Tent: There's a bunch of homemade tarp tent projects out there, I'm looking at the Bilgy Tarp-tent plans which would be good for a long distance trip where I could split the ~2 lb weight with a hiking partner.