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Ultralight Friends

Joe's Ultralight page: One of the original online ultralighters. Definitely a page to be bookmarked.

The Go-Lighter's: A simple, streamlined site with lots of pictures and really detailed gear-lists of 3 JMT hikers.

Great Lakes Lightweight Backpacking: Michigan hiker with some great how-to's and gear lists for different seasons.

Make Your Own Gear: A collection of great instructions for popular homemade gear on the lightweight backpacker website.

Adventure Alan: Went from 55 pounds to sub 10, a lot of info on taking the ultralight leap.

Ken Knights's UL Page: Lots of breakdown on every piece of gear, and how to lighten.

Hikelight: UL backpacking articles, gear lists, and direct ordering for a lot of commercial ultralight gear.

Ryan's Jordan's Simplifatico: The founder of Backpacking Light magazine. Lots of musings on backcountry tripping.

Backpacking Light Forums: The forums are a place where beginning to elite ultralighters gather to dicuss gear, gear, and more gear. Got a crazy idea? Someone here has probably tried it...

Bruce's Light Backpacking: A blog highlighting everything from new gear, to beginner's tips, to personal trips in northern California.

Ultralite Skunk Works: Bill's blog is a fantastic source for MYOG sleeping bags and other gear.

10-pound Backpack: If you're looking to completely outfit yourself with commercial ultralight gear, Stu's site contains extensive lists and stats for all the essentials from tons of manufacturers.

Ultralight Gear

Equinox Ltd: A full line of commercial gear. Their Katadhin pack is popular in ultralight circles. Packs, raingear, tarps, and pouches.

Golite Gear: The first really commercial ultralight gear company. Everything is ultralight, but also fairly expensive.

Gossamer Gear: Quality ultralight gear, they take basic designs and turn them into backpacks and shelter ready for purchasing.

Granite Gear: Commercial-quality ultralight packs.

Jack R' Better: Known for their backcountry hammocks, but they've got a full selection of quilts

Lynne Wheldon Gear: Lynne Wheldon's gear has been around for a long time. Pack, Tarp Shelters, and a few accessories.

MontBell Gear: A lot of expedition-ready gear, but much lighter than than the traditional stuff. Packs, cookware, and down sleeping bags and apparel.

Mountain Laurel Design: A whole range of super-ultralight gear, not too much stuff over a pound here (actually all gear has fractions of ounces counted).

Nunatak: Tons of down quilts , bags, clothes, and accessories. Quite pricey.

O-Ware: A selection of different ultralight tarps in every high-tech fabric available. Also stuff sacks and accessories.

Prolite Gear: Like an online REI, but catering to lightweight/ultralight gear. Huge selection.

Six Moon Designs: Well-priced (mostly) sub-2 pound tents, tarps, and packs.

Tarp Tent UL Shelters: Luxurious siliconized nylon tarp tent shelters, complete with zippers and poles.

ULA Equipment: Pro-looking packs, pack covers, rain gear, water filter, and specialty trowel.

Z-Packs: Specializing in super-ultralight packs (all under 5 oz), but also carries accessories and some raw materials.

Pattern/Fabric/Kit Suppliers

Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics: Along with all the common outdoor fabrics, quite a few waterproof breathable choices including EPIC, as well as Polarguard products.

Ray Jardine's Gear Kits: From the father of ultralight packing, boxed purchases of measured out materials ready to sew. A very good option for the price if you don't mind sewing. Quilts, Tarps, Packs, and a few accessories.

Seattle Fabrics: Lots of outdoor fabrics, especially a wide selection of Gore-Tex.

Thru-Hiker Kits: Ready-to-sew kits for puffy jackets, down quilt, and a tarp tent. Raw fabrics and insulation also available.

Quest Outfitters: Patterns, fabrics, fasteners, etc. Pretty much everything you need to make your own gear.

Z-Packs: Joe has some raw materials for sale by the yard (cuben fiber, nylon).

Seven Wonders Down: 800-fill hungarian down by the ounce or the pound.

Speer Hammocks: 900 fill down, great prices on nylon, and make your own hammock supplies.

The Rainshed: Lots of outdoor fabric choices.

Oware: Good price on cuben fiber material.

Other Links

Backpacker Mag: The "industry" magazine. Pretty good resources and reviews. The most comprehensive place to buy common backpacking gear over the internet.

Campmor: Carry a lot of miscellaneous gear, but with good prices.

Clever Backpacker: A web application for compiling your gear lists and hypothetical ones, or check out other people's lists.